Do we save time by using a broker?

After having identified and then chosen a property, the purchase procedure continues in several stages : the signing of the sales agreement, the search for financing and the signing of the definitive act. The whole thing to orchestrate in about 3 months. To gain efficiency and time, it is highly recommended to use a broker, such as Good Finance.

What is the sales agreement?


The signing of the sales agreement is a preliminary act, which fixes the agreement between the two parties on the price, the general and particular conditions.

What is the point of including a suspensive clause?

At the time of writing, few buyers have access to all funds. Most have to resort to a home loan for this purchase. By specifying the need to subscribe a credit for the purchaser in the sales agreement, it is protected by law : this is called the “suspensive clause for obtaining a loan”. A mandatory clause according to Article L313-40 of the Consumer Code and described in Articles 1304 to 1304-7 of the Civil Code.

This suspensive clause allows the future buyer to be able to renounce the purchase, if he does not obtain financing within the time limit , also written on the compromise.

Obtaining a loan is one month

Obtaining a loan is one month

If the legal and theoretical duration of obtaining a loan is one month, the reality is at least 45 days. A delay that today is more than 60 days. Indeed, stormed by low interest rates, banks are struggling to honor all claims in the allotted time. It is therefore better to provide a sufficient period for the subscription of the loan offer, at the time of signing the compromise.

How can the broker save time?

How can the broker save time?

In this context of just-in-time, it is even more interesting to call on a credit broker to help you find financing within the required time . Beyond its trading skills, allowing you to earn interest rates and attractive terms, it can also save you valuable time.

Knowing his job perfectly, he quickly determines which credit institutions are most likely to respond favorably to a request for financing, and this, according to the profile of the buyer or the nature of the loan. For example, not all banks accept a 30-year loan.

But on mounting the file itself , the broker can make all the difference. Here again, his experience allows him to collect all the key documents, without multiplying the time-consuming roundtrips.

In this regard, the peculiarity of Good Finance is a guarantee of speed : the brokers of this franchise have no physical records, all shipments are dematerialized, to facilitate transmissions to financial organizations.

Another element of weight, no broker Good Finance takes original documents : there is therefore no risk of losing them.


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