Chingari Bags Rank # 1 for Social Media Apps in India on Google Play


Chingari short video sharing app has reached the # 1 spot in Indian social media rankings on Google Play. Chingari is a local video sharing platform founded by Sumit Ghosh, Deepak Salvi, Aditya Kothari and Biswatma Nayak in November 2018.

The app was created to cater to users across the country. It is available in 20 different languages, including English and Hindi, ensuring that speakers of other languages ​​can use it effectively. Its inclusive nature and the special features it offers have helped the app reach 50 million downloads in just six months. The user interface is simple and intuitive and allows users to quickly download videos.

Chingari has several features that improve user experience. This includes shooting all kinds of videos, creating voiceover scenes, or creating videos with music playing in the background. Adding different kinds of popular filters and effects makes Chingari more captivating and entertaining for users.

It’s no surprise that Chingari overtook some of the world’s best social media apps to take the top spot.

Chingari Launches India’s First Cryptocurrency Token For Social Media Platform

Chingari has a firm grip on what consumers want. It is the first Indian social media platform to launch its own cryptocurrency called $ GARI, including a marketplace for non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. $ GARI will enable content creators to set up an e-commerce space for physical goods and NFT creations.

Additionally, the digital token will allow app users to support and fund their favorite artists and creators, which helps creators monetize their content.

Famous Bollywood actor Salman Khan has signed on as a brand ambassador for the NFT market. $ GARI was recently launched in October 2021 and raised $ 40 million in 24 hours of its direct sale on Republic, a crowd equity platform.

Chingari also raised $ 19 million from several crypto-based venture capitalists and an additional $ 6 million through an initial IDO or dex offering.

The $ GARI token is built on the Solana blockchain, one of the largest and fastest growing decentralized networks in the world. Chingari will use the funds raised to launch and expand avenues for creator monetization through various web tools.

Chingari was quick to capitalize on the ban on several Chinese video-sharing apps last year as Indian creators sought to find a new platform to share their content. Chingari’s creator-centric features, her monetization opportunities, and all the unique features that the app offers have set her on the path to great success.


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