Blockster, the future of social media in the crypto market



As, in 2017, Facebook and Google – the world’s largest advertising platforms – announced a blanket ban on crypto advertising, the major crypto companies found themselves with little to no means to reach their target audiences. In order to connect with their communities, these companies used Medium, Twitter, and Reddit. Even though most of them still depend on these platforms, the data is scattered there, making it difficult to navigate efficiently.

From the perspective of crypto enthusiasts, until recently, there was a lack of a single, reliable source of information. You had to rely on platforms like CoinMarketCap or CoinGecko to track the performance of their favorite projects, go to Reddit to discuss it, get the latest industry updates on Medium and Twitter, or watch influencer reviews on Youtube. So we ended up with a disintegrated social landscape for an emerging market, which made it difficult for marketers and creators to communicate, rate information, or monetize their content – and that’s exactly where Blockster comes in to bridge the gap. the void.

A thriving community for the rising market

According to the project’s white paper, the word “blockster” refers to a crypto-centric business or a business using the Blockster platform to connect, create, earn, and learn. It perfectly sums up the platform’s mission: to connect all the blockers in the world: crypto enthusiasts, content creators, entrepreneurs and investors, so they can get the latest industry news, share their ideas and content, collaborate. , keep track of all their crypto investments in one technological and trending space.

Blockster is a versatile platform designed to connect and strengthen the ever-growing crypto industry. It has its own social network, newsgroups, industry-grade encryption tracking sub-platform, and many other features that will be added soon. At the time of this writing, the platform already had a waiting list of over 414,000 enthusiastic users and over 150 partners, including projects as large as Chainlink, Enjin, Zilliqa and NEWSBTC.

With new partners joining literally every day, Blockster plans to onboard all major crypto projects in the coming months. As that happens, it will soon become a one stop shop for all things crypto; the go-to platform for anyone looking to learn, invest or earn money in space.

Adopt the latest trends

Sharing the same vibe with the young and fluid crypto space, Blockster is evolving with it as it continues to add new features that are most requested in the community. In the fourth quarter of 2021, it plans to roll out a digital wallet, a mobile app and launch a self-service advertising system.

BXR, at the heart of the ecosystem

Blockster’s vibrant ecosystem is fueled by the BXR token which is uniquely positioned to increase in value over time. As the Blockster community grows, it will become a stable cryptocurrency backed by millions of loyal users.

BXR will be the only currency used to pay for advertising on Blockster. The platform plans to start testing the ad platform at the end of this year and to accept payment for ads starting in Q1 2022. By the end of Q1, Blockster expects this to happen. that more than 450 partners place their ads on the platform.

Through advertisements, the platform will provide a great growth point for businesses, giving them space to gain more visibility and connect directly with their target audience. Blockster will in turn redistribute 20% of all of its advertising revenue to its community of stakers. Every month, 5% of BXR collected as ad revenue is also burned, ensuring its value appreciates.

Blockster is the networking platform for cryptocurrency professionals, investors, traders, and enthusiasts. It is basically a marketing tool for crypto-centric businesses and individuals. Not only does the platform allow users to network and trade within the platform, it also provides the latest industry news, coin tracking for the entire cryptocurrency market. , as well as a real-time messaging app for P2P and group chat.

Blockster Holdings is a parent company of Blockster. The first seed investors, based in the UK and UAE, invested $ 1.9 million in 2020, valuing the company at $ 25 million.



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