Best social media apps for start-ups


In recent years, the use of social media has become more and more important in business as a means of advertising and growing a startup from scratch. 52% of social media marketers believe it positively influences their business’s sales. Indeed, social media helps connect a business to its customers, increase brand awareness and, naturally, increase sales. In addition, with a monthly active user base exceeding 3.5 billion, the use of social media in businesses is only going to become more widespread. However, as it is, it’s important for businesses to remember that phones aren’t obsolete just yet – far from it – they can still be the factor customers rely on when deciding which businesses are crowding out. social media.

A social media approach

To leverage the largest social media platforms to power a business more effectively, the pros and cons of each need to be understood. The three major platforms to consider are: Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


Instagram is a giant in the social media arena. Since its inception in 2010, the photo sharing app has only grown in popularity, both in general and for businesses. Today, 60% of major brands are connected to its active user base of one billion people.

The main attraction of Instagram is the influence that its users can generate – anyone can be successful on the platform. Startups can leverage this to carve out their own presence on the platform or leverage existing influencers with large audiences through sponsored promotions.

Another useful feature of the app is its “Instagram stories”; many pages have gained popularity through their use. This is a powerful storytelling story that allows users to create micro-messages that last up to 24 hours. By working behind the scenes or engaging with followers, this feature has proven to be a solid marketing technique.


Twitter puts a proverbial megaphone in the hands of its 330 million users. Originally created as a microblogging site in 2006, it has become a base for information and debate. Startups can use this ongoing conversation by stepping in at any time and creating their own audience.

Unlike Instagram where visual brands dominate (ie fashion brands make up 4 of the 5 most followed accounts), Twitter is a playground for personalities. By remaining honest and accessible, a startup can be rewarded for the authenticity of its words by an audience. A brand voice must be established and maintained to cement a startup’s place in its industry.

Many users rely on Twitter to find information on almost anything. No tool exists today that is better for a startup to engage with its target demographic and follow industry trends.

That being said, Twitter is a place of conversation, not sales. Startups need to be aware of this when thinking about how they want to present themselves, using it uniquely and openly as a sales tool is rarely well received.


Facebook is the origin of social media marketing and is a safe place for a startup to learn the ropes. He has developed tailor-made marketing strategies for a range of industries with “Facebook for Business”. This offers free and paid advice on how Facebook can be used most effectively for marketing.

Facebook’s venerable advertising process is more extensive and detailed than that of any other social network. Its paid ads are marketing in its most basic form, but its data tracking and demographic optimization options fall far short of it; they ensure that the ads are effective and reach the right people.

The best business telephone services

Final take

All of these platforms are extremely useful tools in a startup arsenal: Facebook is great for getting started in advertising, Twitter is great for interacting with customers, and Instagram is unbeatable for exposure. However, in a world where businesses are realizing the capabilities of this technology, the phone has sadly gone down the drain.

Perhaps ironically, phones are still the optimal medium for customer service despite this, and the lack of a good phone system can lead to customer frustration and deter them from a business. They should therefore be used in conjunction with social media to skyrocket a business to success. For more information on which business phone service to choose, be sure to visit TRUiC’s helpful article on the subject.


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