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The boundaries between social media and e-commerce are shrinking day by day.

A month after Instagram unveiled its new checkout feature, which lets users buy products from brands’ posts without ever leaving the app, new research shows that interest in social shopping among consumers increased by 38% year-on-year.

Bazaarvoice, an Austin, Texas-based digital marketing company, surveyed 2,000 consumers in the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany and found that the ability to discover and purchase products directly from from platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest has become an increasingly important factor. in how users use these sites and applications. Brits particularly value this feature, with a third of respondents rating commerce integration as essential to their social media experience.

Retailers are also aware of changing shopper habits: nearly half of the company’s customers said they plan to prioritize the merger of social media and e-commerce in the 12-18 coming months.

Yet adoption has been relatively slow compared to other digital trends. It’s been nearly a decade since Mark Zuckerberg predicted that social commerce would be the next big tech breakthrough, and countless startups have since tried and failed to build viable businesses around the concept. In the meantime, however, Instagram has grown from a small photo-sharing app to a global platform with more than a billion monthly active users – many of whom are willing to buy brands and influencers. they follow — and YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat have each added their own commerce features, leveraging the captive audiences they already hold for hours of the day.

If consumers continue to see online shopping opportunities integrated into their social media experience and vice versa, the process could eventually become as normal as going to a store.

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