Alumni organizations provide social and networking opportunities for Ohio State graduates


The university offers a number of different clubs and societies for graduates through the Alumni Association. Credit: Courtesy of Ohio State University

As we approach the start of spring 2022, many future alumni may be looking to stay connected to college for years to come.

Wherever graduates hang out, the Alumni Association provides opportunities for alumni – including clubs and societies – to get involved with the university, meet new friends and develop professional relationships with others Ohio State alumni. Initially, Ohio State will award more than 12,000 degrees and certificates, qualifying these graduates for membership.

Craig Little, director of alumni engagement at the Alumni Association, said the organization’s goal is to help any graduate stay in touch with the university as well as its more than 600,000 alumni. people.

“There’s something very special about being a Buckeye, and I think the Alumni Association is really driven by the mission of really being the catalyst that keeps people connected to the state. from Ohio,” Little said.

The alumni clubs, made up of more than 125 groups around the world, are geographically based for alumni to meet and share their experiences with nearby Buckeyes, according to the Alumni Association website. Clubs are open to all Ohio State graduates in cities ranging from Philadelphia to San Francisco as well as more than 40 Ohio counties.

Leyla Hawkins, president of the Franklin County Alumni Club, said the group organizes social events – such as gaming watchesgift exchange during the holidays and banquets. She said these year-round events are great ways for Ohio State alumni to meet other people and provide graduates with opportunities to network and further their careers. after college.

“It’s a way to meet people,” Hawkins said. “If you’re a fresh graduate, networking helps jump-start your career, especially if you’re moving to another state where you don’t know anyone.”

Additionally, alumni societies are primarily found in Columbus and are based on organizations present at the university, according to the Alumni Association website. The more than 50 companiessuch as the College of Arts and Sciences and the Marching Band Alumni Societies, hold events including reunions, service projects, and social gatherings.

Slightly said, the Alumni Association also offers various events for alumni – including trips to sport events and amusement park trips. He said the organization has a virtual treasure hunt for future graduates until May 15.

Little said he hopes the 2022 graduates take advantage of the opportunities provided by the Alumni Association, keeping them connected to Ohio State and other lifelong alumni.

“We want them to continue representing Ohio State like they did as students,” Little said. “We look forward to being the catalyst that begins this next chapter of their lives.”


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