Age Alive Launches: The First-Ever Senior-Focused Social Networking Platform


Age Alive is a legacy that continues to bring people together in harmony. It is a platform that aims to restore the lost connection and rebuild the communication bridges. Age Alive is an independent group run by a committee of volunteers that promotes friendship, love and relationship restoration.

With strong beliefs and unwavering determination, Age Alive wants to bring back the life that old people once had. They say, “Why are only young people allowed to socialize? Have you noticed that as we get older, we drift away from our friends and lose the beautiful relationships we once had? The void left by a friend still remains, and the dark feeling of loneliness takes over.

The truth is, people will always need a friend, no matter how old they are, because age is just a number. Age Alive started in 2008 as one of the very first community initiatives of the Welsh Government, led by Leanne Teichner.

The community was originally formed to bring together businesses, statutory individuals and the community itself to uplift those stuck in poverty in deprived areas of Wales. Later, the BME partnership expanded the reach and soon Age Alive became a platform to reconnect marginalized communities.

It is a platform where representatives and people from different communities come together, socialize and network to gain support from each other. Age Alive aims to harness an environment of diversity and inclusiveness, promoting a healthier lifestyle in marginalized communities. They ensure that everyone can always be a part of Age Alive and be themselves, regardless of race or ethnicity.

Age Alive believes that everyone should feel “alive” and live their lives in peace and joy. The community has grown over the years and tries different ways to keep its members engaged and an active part of the community. They organize events that help people in the community interact with each other and get to know each other. They plan activities like Tai Chi, Pilates, Shalom exercise classes, and many other informative mental health and mindfulness sessions.

Age Alive is a community that offers security and sanctity to all marginalized communities. This is a place that invites everyone to be himself and to learn to live and interact with people who seem “different”. It is a diverse community that believes in giving everyone the opportunities he deserves.

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