Abandoning social media for seven days reduces mental health problems and minimizes workload stress and chronic anxiety, study finds / Digital Information World


We use social networking sites to entertain ourselves, connect with closed sites, learn and educate each other. It will not be considered wrong to say that the time has come for the advancement of technology and social media. With the immense positive effects and growing awareness of social media platforms, there are also some downsides. The results are so devastating that no one can even imagine.

The University of Bath has hypothesized that quitting social networking sites for at least seven days can help improve mental illness and reduce unhappiness and many anxiety disorders. The study was conducted on individuals whose age is between 18 and 72 years old. Subjects were instructed to leave social media websites and engage in other activities. The results of the study were really appreciable because they coincide with the studies conducted by American and British scientists. According to research published in the journals Behavior and Social Networking and Cyberpsychology, resting from online networking apps is beneficial to an individual’s ideal health. The Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale, the valid criterion for assessing mental wellbeing, reveals that participants’ mental health improved from nearly 46 to 55.93. Additionally, participants’ depression levels on the scale also dropped from 7.46 to 4.84, and anxiety levels fell from 6.92 to 5.94. Most participants said they cut out all social media news and updates, making them feel energized and filling them with positive vibes. To minimize anxiety and negativity in your life, a mini-break from social media apps can induce a worthy change in your lifestyle.

I suggest you take a thoughtful look at how social media drives you to an addictive level and affects your mood. You will realize yourself that it causes you social anxiety and stress. Besides stress, using social media for more than three hours a day can lead to a high risk of panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and serious mental health issues worldwide. It can be said that social platforms are like a double-edged sword. On the one hand, it keeps you up to date with current events and on the other, it leaves you restless.

The main motive for the research was to examine the effects on people, including teenagers and the elderly, taking a short break from Discord, Facebook, and Snackvideo. Social media users usually scroll through content all day, wasting their precious time. Participants in the research study reported having nine hours of free time per week, which they typically spent scrolling through Instagram and TikTok. To stay productive and use your inner spark in the best possible way, it is suggested to take at least a week off from social media to enjoy a healthy life.

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