90% of people who use mobile social media apps check Facebook daily, so marketers take note


By polling smartphone users to understand how they use social media, a recent survey found that almost 90% use Facebook every day. The platform is an undisputed leader, with Instagram (also owned by Facebook) in second place with 49%. Meanwhile, 48% of smartphone users said they use YouTube daily, 32% for Snapchat and 31% for Twitter.

The survey contains data highly relevant to understanding how social media apps are used across all demographics. With this data, small businesses can engage with their audience at the right time and on the right platform with the content they are most likely to consume.

For small businesses looking to increase their social media presence and engagement, knowing when and who is most likely to respond to your marketing effort will yield a better return on investment.

Riley Panko, senior editor of small business news platform The Manifest, which conducted the survey, stressed the importance of understanding how social media apps work. In the report, Panko explains, “Understanding how social media apps perform is important for any company looking to build an app that requires user interaction.”

The survey asked 511 smartphone owners who use three or more different apps every day to find out how they use social media apps and what features and designs keep them coming back. The demographics of the survey group included 72% female and 28% male, broken down as follows: 18-24 (15%), 25-34 (28%), 35-44 (21%), 45 at 54 (18%), 55 to 64 (12%) and 65 and over (5%).

Mobile Social Media App Statistics

By far, Facebook was the most popular social media platform with 87% of respondents. When the data was broken down by age group, Facebook continued to do well, with 85% of millennials and 93% of baby boomers saying they use the site daily on mobile.

Once on their favorite social media app, 35% spend 10-20 minutes while 34% say they use it equally throughout the day. In terms of timings, 30% prefer evening use, 22% prefer afternoon and 14% prefer morning.

The most popular activities for mobile app users include consuming and interacting with content. Panko points out that the survey results reflect the so-called “90-9-1” rule of social media, suggesting that users consume content 90% of the time, interact with it 9% of the time and share it only 1%. time. . The survey data also reveals the percentage of people who actively participate and post content, just 1%.

Mobile social media app stats: 90% of people who use mobile social media apps check Facebook daily

When it comes to content type, 72% of users consume information on social media apps, with 64% searching for that content on Facebook, 11% on Twitter, and only 10% on YouTube.

Application of data to small businesses

The report concludes by saying, “The majority of the time, app users are just consuming, liking, and prioritizing content, rather than creating content themselves.”

If you’re able to create the right content for your audience, you’ll get more eyes on your page, which will give you a better chance of more engagement.

Images: the manifesto


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