8 best WordPress dating and social media themes


With the rise of online dating and social media, it seems like everyone is trying to meet new people online. Studies have shown that almost 40% of all heterosexual couples have met someone online. This provides a unique opportunity for anyone looking to bring a new dating site to the public, as well as fierce competition. Over 8,000 dating platforms are currently available; make sure you offer something unique and captivating to your audience. To get you started, here are eight social media and dating themes designed to attract new people and put your business in the spotlight.


When looking for a complete WordPress dating theme, Seeko is the theme you have been waiting for. You will have a simplified platform thanks to Elementor Page Builder and the Gutenberg editor. Create professional pages with a beautiful design without having to sacrifice hours writing code.

The Seeko theme brings an algorithm-based matching system, with the ability to edit and implement changes. You’ll love the SEO functionality and endless customization options. The Seeko theme brings a high quality experience to virtually any dating platform.

Sweet date

Developed like a classic dating site, this theme puts user research at the forefront. Visitors will be able to find their ideal partner effortlessly, combined with a search for proximity and a relational dynamic. For users keen to try out a sugar daddy dating page, this WordPress theme is the perfect opportunity for setting up an integrated website. Monetize your website using the built-in membership tiers, whether you want restricted access or premium content.

The visual drag-and-drop page builder simplifies page design for all experience levels. You’ll also bring Facebook integration and smart notifications to users, connecting members like never before.


Whether you are looking to develop a new social media platform or want a new dating site, Besocial is incredibly versatile. This WordPress theme allows users to connect through friend connections, private messaging, extended profiles, and profile search functionality. The Besocial theme allows full Woocommerce support, as well as a like / dislike rating system, featured members, social media share buttons, and mutual connections. which concerns the functionality of the site.

The versatility of this theme allows for both social media development, professional networking or dating sites. The custom design feature is the perfect solution for someone who wants a personalized approach to their platform.


Grow your dating site or social networking platform using content blocks; highlight success stories, new members and accessible information for branding. This versatile platform is both responsive and modern. This theme is complete with over thirty templates and allows for easy setup for new areas that want to get started quickly. With built-in lead generation forms, users stay connected to your site without additional plugins.


Attracting visitors to a new platform starts with the first glance. This is why Lamour incorporates bright and bold designs into their theme. With the map functionality, users can click on profiles based on proximity. Registered users will quickly connect with other profiles. With fourteen beautifully designed template pages, your website will stand out from the competition. This WordPress theme is fabulous for social media, as it pushes contact based on location rather than specified preferences (although those settings are also possible).


Responsive landing pages are great for virtually any platform, whether it’s accessing the website from a PC or a mobile phone. Users can select options based on age range and gender from the homepage with streamlined search functionality. The clean and modern HTML template works well for community platforms, online dating, or any other networking channel you hope to establish. You’ll love the built-in blog and instant messaging features.

Users who hope to find a connection based on location can use the map search options; with interactive mapping via Google. Any registered user can access users in real time, regardless of their location.

Other considerations in building a website

The success of any social network or dating platform depends on the planning process for your website. While having a functioning website is an exciting time for any new business, there are a few details that should be considered before you launch. Here are some things to consider before creating the platform.

Understand your target audience

Your audience will use the website on a daily basis. The website should be easy to use without appearing cluttered. Excessive functionality can be confusing and frustrating, so try to keep the platform streamlined as much as possible.

Choose your colors wisely

Color psychology can greatly influence recordings. Different colors appeal to different emotions, making your color choice a key decision. Would you rather choose bright and vibrant colors or a soft tone that will highlight the profiles?

Determine the goal of your platform

With over 8,000 dating platforms currently available, offering something unique is essential. Determine your unique domain selling point before launch and tailor your platform to the selling point.

Establish membership fees in advance

There is nothing worse than increasing the price of the subscription when you are already a subscriber. Determine the value behind each membership level and the functionality provided to each member as a result. If a user cannot find value behind your fees, the paid subscription will not be successful in the long run.

Determine your marketing efforts

Whether you’re going to spend money on paid ads or want to build organic SEO, having a marketing plan in place can save you a headache. Figure out where your target audience is likely to be and find ways to effectively market those areas. For example, a target audience that spends time on social media may find paid advertising on Facebook to be very beneficial.


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