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Some social media platforms are great tools for getting your point across. Unless you are talking about your business, how do you plan to sell it to the global audience? But, while marketing products, people often find themselves in the confusion of going the right way. Do you often find yourself surrounded by common mistakes? The kind of mistakes you wish you had never made.

If you think Pinterest is just a lifestyle blogging platform, you are definitely wrong. Today, most smart brands and businesses are integrating Pinterest as a key part of their digital marketing strategy, as this visual discovery platform promises not only to increase your business’s sales, but also to polish the brand awareness of your business. your brand on a whole new level.

Hope this doesn’t surprise you, but almost 50% of online purchases are made because someone stumbled upon a promoted pin (i.e. via Pinterest ads). About 67% of people say they discovered a new product or brand when seeing content posted on Pinterest networks.

It’s a common observation that businesses that are inclined to leverage the power of popular social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are more likely to be successful than others. Facebook and its properties, including Messenger, Whatsapp, and Instagram, make up more than half of the global internet audience. In fact, there are other powerful social media platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest that work wonders.

To get more clarity on the type of traffic that on average comes to Pinterest, here’s a look at its user base.

  • 41% women and 16% men
  • 84% are aged 18 to 64, with a fairly even distribution across age groups
  • 31% of users are from suburban areas

On the basis of their expenditure, these genres and the classification of groups of people can be categorized as follows:

  • Reaches most American families with 70% American mothers and 33% American fathers
  • 55% use the network to shop
  • 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make buying decisions

If you’re looking for a platform to market your business online, look no further than Pinterest. It’s the new trend in the city that has conquered half the world. Pinterest is probably getting the exposure it deserves. While this looks like a simple picture blogging platform, it is much more than that. This powerful social media tool is something digital marketers can’t afford to ignore. With Pinterest, you can increase your brand reach, you can get good market exposure, you can build your specific audience, and increase your sales.

To help you understand what things to keep aside before marketing a business through Pinterest, our friends at Branex have created this amazing infographic just for you. So, free some time from your busy schedule and give it a try, it won’t take just a minute or two.

The infographic highlights some of the biggest mistakes businesses make on Pinterest, so you can avoid them the next time you’re marketing on Pinterest.

Social Media Optimization - 7 Common Pinterest Marketing Mistakes You Should Never Make (Infographic)
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