6 Social Media Apps Better Than Facebook


Need a break from Facebook?

With all the drama surrounding the social media giant, it’s understandable that you might consider looking elsewhere for your social solution.

Between birthday reminders and event invites, it certainly pays to keep the platform as a backup.

However, if you want to foster more meaningful connections and avoid fake news, there are alternatives that might satisfy your social solution.

Let’s look.

6 Social Media Apps Better Than Facebook


Vero app

Vero is a photo-sharing app with big dreams: to take on Instagram. He’s a back and forth, but it looks like he could have some potential to be a mainstay.

The setup looks a lot like Instagram. You will mainly use it to post photos. Vero’s appeal lies mainly in the fact that the platform does not contain ads. The app is free at the moment, but they may start charging a small monthly subscription.


Amino Apps

Amino is home to all sorts of niche topics. If you’re a fan of Poke, Kpop, video games, or anime, Amino is set to become your new social hangout.

Amino is organized in a way that will look familiar to Reddit users and doesn’t require you to use your real name. That commitment to anonymity is something special in a time when even OKCupid wants users to use their first names.

Amino, of course, isn’t about getting the most subscribers and featuring an organized character. Instead, the anonymity and focus on very specific interests make it a great place for users who just want to socialize with like-minded people from around the world.

The next door

Nextdoor Table Example

Okay, NextDoor isn’t the coolest app with the sleekest interface, but it does work to connect you with people who live in your immediate vicinity.

It’s not perfect – in some communities the app can work as a way to highlight “suspicious people” lurking around the neighborhood, which of course can creep into problematic territory quite quickly.

That said, in other cases, the app is a great way to fFind items for sale, recommend contractors, learn about community issues and events, and locate lost pets.

Social juggernaut

Juggernaut Overview

Mastodon Social is an application that works like an open source Twitter. It’s a distributed platform that aims to fill a void for Twitter users who miss the days of a timeline.

Instead of Tweets, you’ll be composing “Toots” and boosting posts instead of retweeting them. Warning, this app is a haven for those who feel restricted by Twitter’s anti-harassment policies. Still, you can hide NSFW content, filter out spoilers, and trigger warnings, so it’s not necessarily a barrage of hate speech.

The advantage of the platform is that it is controlled by the community. There are no ads to browse, so branded content is not an issue. And, despite engaging in unfiltered speech, the platform proudly declares itself a Nazi-free zone, banning xenophobic, sexist and illegal content in France and Germany.


Ello Social for Artists

The so-called creator network, Ello looks like a cool skateboard magazine or those old issues of Vice. Although the app was initially touted as a Facebook killer when it first appeared, that doesn’t quite seem to be the case.

Ello is a ad-free social network which offers an alternative to the marketing-heavy Instagram feed or all the trash those random acquaintances post on Facebook.

The app is a real treat to scroll through – and if you like design, art, architecture or photographyIt’s really worth the detour.


social minds

Minds is an open-source, community-owned platform that values ​​confidentiality. This distinction with Facebook which uses data for who-knows-what is its main source of attraction.

When it comes to functionality, Minds combines familiar features from Reddit, Medium, and Facebook itself. You’ll set up a profile, post to timelines, share photos, and send private messages. But, it also comes with a handful of content creation and curation features – users can blog directly on the platform and monetize that content using the site’s cryptocurrency system.

the open source blockchain network makes this particularly appealing to the tech-savvy crowd, but privacy features stand to entice those spooked by Facebook’s recent Cambridge Analytics scandal.

Final Thoughts

Realistically, you’re probably not going to completely delete Facebook. There’s no denying that Facebook has scale on its side. Almost everyone participates, which means that none of these options have a chance to compete.

That said, Facebook can be frustrating. Social media used to be fun – and now platforms like Instagram and Facebook have these huge commercial elements.

The platforms we’ve listed above focus more on users and the magic of connecting with others who share your interests or have something new to impart.

And – there’s always room for more – so it’s not a matter of choosing between Facebook and a niche platform.


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