5 New “Up & Coming” Social Media Apps To Watch Out For …


Forget Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Here are five new social media apps that could hit the mainstream in 2021 and beyond. They grow fast, they do things a little differently, and 2021 could be the year they ‘hang in there’ – here are the five fastest growing new social media platforms you probably don’t have ( again) heard about it …

# 1) Club House

Club House is arguably the new and rapidly growing social media app on this list. Focused on audio clips, Club House users can record audio clips and share them with their subscribers. Think podcasts, just a lot shorter. It’s a good idea and she’s getting a lot of love from comedians and celebrities right now.

# 2) beehive

Hive launched in 2019, but didn’t start to gain traction until 2021. With Hive, you have elements of Twitter, Facebook, and MySpace all together on one platform. What’s really cool about Hive, however, is that it allows its users to monetize their content up front, which Instagram doesn’t.

# 3) Twitter spaces

Twitter Spaces is essentially the Twitter version of the Club House. Launched in 2020, Twitter Spaces is currently only available on iPhone. The idea with Twitter Spaces, like Club House, is that it allows content creators to create more personalized content for their followers. Me? I prefer the Club House.

# 4) caffeine

Caffeine – AKA Caffeine.tv – was designed by a group of former Apple designers and looks a bit like Twitch. Caffeine users can create and share streamed video content on their profile. You can also download streamed content from your TV or PC, just like you can on Twitch. Caffeine was the only place you could watch the X Games 2019 online, for example. Expect big things from this new social network in 2021.

# 5) QQ Messenger

QQ Messenger is the biggest instant messaging client in China. But it’s more than just an instant messaging app like WhatsApp and Signal. With QQ Messenger, you can connect with millions of other users. To date, QQ is mainly used in China, but the platform is becoming more and more popular in the West as well. QQ Messenger offers chat rooms, video calling, and a host of other great features.

What do these new social media platforms have in common?

As you can see from the list above, there are a few similarities between two of the biggest new social media platforms: Club House and Twitter Spaces. Both focus on voice clips. And this is significant.

Why? Because right now almost all of the major social media platforms focus on text, image and video content. (think of Twitch and YouTube). But because podcasts are now so popular, a new kind of content is ready to go.

Short, succinct audio clips of the type you get on Club House and Twitter Spaces, unlike podcasts, can be consumed immediately. This makes it a very attractive tool for marketers (and let’s face it, anyway, that’s what social networks are for).

With apps like Club House and Twitter Spaces, provided you have decent following, you could potentially get thousands of registrations or sales for a new product. And because the platforms are relatively new, there is a great chance that early adopters will build up many subscribers in record time.

The largest social network in 2021

As you might expect, the biggest social media platforms in 2021 are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. The Big Five, as they are called, control the vast majority of social space. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be beaten.

Things change quickly online. Just look at TikTok; it’s a relatively young app, it was launched in 2017, but it’s already catching on Snapchat. In fact, some reports now claim that TikTok is bigger than Snapchat. And it happened in just a few years.

This means that apps like Club House, provided they can maintain their current growth rates, may well become a household name by the end of 2024. Again, however, the growth of social media platforms depends on entirely of user attraction – you have to do something different and new.

Corn, as TikTok showed, you DON’T need to reinvent the wheel. All you have to do is take something already there (short video clips, in this context) and improve it. Do it and spend a ton of money promoting the app, and you too could have a successful social media platform.

Trending social media platforms

One of the keys to driving mass adoption of a new social media platform is getting it to appear on popular social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. If enough people are talking about a new social media platform, it can – and usually generates – millions of new signups.

This is EXACTLY what happened to Hive recently. In fast, Hive had such a strong trend that its servers collapsed under the large number of people trying to access its platform. The new social media platform received more than 130,000 new registrations in one evening, after a brief stint on Twitter and Facebook.

This one, small event, lifted Hive from a trivial social media platform to internet discussion. It also brought many new users to Hive. And if that wasn’t enough, the trends have helped Hive unlock the # 1 spot in Apple’s App Store, which, in turn, drives even more signups.

Hive was created by Kassandra Pop and is currently ONLY available on iPhone. At present, there is currently no plan for an Android app.

What is Hive?

Hive takes elements of what Instagram, MySpace and Twitter used to be and combines them all into one mega platform. The big advantage of Hive, however, is that it allows its users to monetize their content up front, which has made it very popular with influencers and marketers alike.

Here is the official description of Hive by the company itself:

We make it easy for you to discover the content you love, whether it’s photos, videos or statuses. With our new Browse feature, you can now mark the topics you like for quick and easy access.



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