5 Best Social Media Apps for Windows Available in Microsoft Store


This article contains 5 of the best social media apps for Windows 11/10 PC. The apps listed here are from official publishers only. No third-party apps are mentioned here. Everyone is on social media these days. It helps users communicate with each other and is also used for marketing and more.

Although Microsoft Store does not get new apps and updates very frequently, some good essential apps for social media have made their way to Microsoft Store and are working well. This includes popular Facebook apps such as Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp Desktop (Project Centennial). There is also a UWP or Universal Windows Platform app from Twitter. Viber for Windows is also a decent app. It supports instant messages, channels, voice calls and video calls. Without further ado, let’s start listing social media apps.

Best Social Media Apps for Windows 11/10


The description of the Facebook app for Windows on the Microsoft Store states:

  • You can watch videos specially recommended for you.
  • With Facebook Groups, you can create your own community of like-minded people and start your productive discussion.
  • Take a peek into your friends’ lives and see what they’re up to.
  • Broadcast your own live video and share your memorable experiences with your friends.
  • Share updates, photos and videos
  • Get notified when your friends like and comment on your posts

You can find Facebook for Windows on the Microsoft Store here.


Messenger is another app from Facebook Inc. The app is really useful for chatting and calling using WiFi network or cellular network. Now there is a catch. Messenger supports voice and video calls on Windows PCs, but supports anything but those calling features on Windows 10 Mobile. But it works well and is optimized enough to do it.

Some of the app highlight features listed on the Microsoft Store are:

  • Notification support so you don’t miss any message.
  • Messenger for Windows 10 supports live tiles so you can peek into the app even when you’re not opening it.
  • Support for sending photos, videos, GIFs and more
  • Support for stickers when having a conversation.
  • Get read receipts for the messages you send.
  • Messenger will allow you to create groups in order to better collaborate with your peers.
  • Support for copying and forwarding messages to anyone using Facebook Messenger.
  • Find people and groups to get back to quickly.

You can get the Messenger app for Windows PCs from the Microsoft Store.


Instagram is another social media service acquired by Facebook a few years ago. But Facebook released a Windows 11/10 UWP app ported from iOS using Facebook’s own OSMeta technology. This application is available for Windows PCs. This app has been updated with all major updates released on other platforms but is a bit delayed. Nevertheless, Facebook is constantly supporting this app with new features.

The main characteristics are:

  • Post photos and videos with the excellent filter that brings your photos and videos to life and makes them more attractive when viewed in the profile grid.
  • This Instagram app for windows supports Instagram stories. You can share photos, short videos, text statuses and live videos directly from your device running Windows 11/10.
  • Besides posting stories, you can also view stories posted by people you follow.
  • The Explore tab will help you discover photos and videos you might like and follow new accounts.
  • With Instagram Direct, you can send private messages, photos, videos, and posts from your feed directly to your friends.
  • Instantly share your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social networks.

Keep in mind that other devices running Windows 10 may not support certain features, such as the ability to capture and upload photos and videos. You can get Instagram for Windows PCs from the Microsoft Store here.


WhatsApp has been an active supporter of the Windows platform. It was the same even before its acquisition by Facebook. Although no UWP app has been released for the same. This app is regularly updated with features as well as bug fixes.

While the Project Centennial port of the WhatsApp Desktop app also works great. You can find them in the shop here and here.


Social Media Apps for Windows 10

Twitter has always supported the Windows platform. This app works very well. I’m not saying there is no bug, but as far as I know Twitter apps for iOS and Android are not bug free either. But yes, this app does your job.

You can get this app from Microsoft Store for your Windows 11/10 devices from here.

I know many of you will complain that the third-party counterparts of the apps listed above are better than the official ones. I kinda agree with that. There are no known harms yet in using them, but I mainly intended to include apps from official publishers here in my article.


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