4 Most Popular Social Media Apps and Their Associated Security Risks


Social media is a way of life these days. As the popularity of this medium is on the rise, so are the risks associated with it. The possibility of your data leakage is huge. Hackers can add to your misery by scamming you or hacking into your social media account. Fake accounts also play their part here. Therefore, you must be very vigilant while using social media apps for your personal and professional interests. I’m sure you wouldn’t want your brand information leaking into the hands of your competitors!

Today I am going to discuss the most popular social media apps and the security issues surrounding them.


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Do you know someone in your circle who does not have a Facebook account? I am on; you don’t. With over 2.5 billion active users, Facebook tops the list of the most popular social media apps. Many of these FB users are unaware of the risks involved. You may not know that you have been under the observation of a stalker and the likelihood of your breach of privacy is high.

Only a few Facebook users know that the privacy settings your account was set to will revert to default settings whenever Facebook revamps its website. Now you are standing behind an unlocked door again. The growing risks force you to improve your security mechanisms and focus carefully on this area.

WhatsApp :

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WhatsApp is one of the most effective social media platforms you can use. With around 2 billion users, it is the second most used app in the world. Connecting billions of users around the world, WhatsApp carries vast amounts of personal data sent and received every microsecond. Risks can occur anywhere and anytime. Even though messages on WhatsApp are end-to-end encrypted, there is a loophole in their security system. Encryption ensures that only the sending and receiving devices can decode the messages. But when you need a backup, the messages are stored in an unencrypted form. Here you have to listen carefully to stay on the safe side. Your personal information may be exposed at the discretion of the backup service provider. Additionally, some malware can penetrate the app and modify it by incorporating a malicious update that delivers advertisements. Being such a big influencer in the world of social media, WhatsApp has also allegedly been used to spread fake news.


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Snapchat is a daily use app with 400 million users. It was developed to help people express themselves more effectively. Gradually he gained popularity among young people. Sharing images and videos of everyday life on a public platform in real time and out of time can throw you into a quagmire. What could be more dangerous than exposing yourself to the world? Hiding pirates can attack at any time. Taking precautionary measures can save you. You must be fully prepared for the tricks of the hacker. Use the tips to take the necessary precautions and secure your Snapchat account.


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With over 2 billion users, your bedtime app is also the only Google networking app to survive this era. Influencers around the world use this platform to educate people, others just come up with stuff for fun. If you choose to use this platform to run your channel as an influencer to make money on YouTube or for marketing your brand, you need to be careful here. Your personal information is at stake, including your home address and bank details.

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