30 girls and women trained productively on the internet and social media platforms


Organized by the Tanzania Gender Networking Program (TGNP), the seminar aimed to deepen knowledge on all issues related to gender equality, feminism ideology and all other issues related to women’s affairs through trainings and discussions.

TGNP Training and Capacity Building Coordinator Anna Sangai said the online training is being implemented as part of a program known as Women Empowerment and Active Citizenship through Sponsorship. from the COADY International Institute at St. Francis Xavier University in Canada.

“COADY International offers online courses for partners, and Tanzania is one of them,” she noted, saying, “We give them an online orientation seminar before they start their courses.”

TGNP saw this as an opportunity to involve the women’s rights groups, knowledge centers, groups and students with whom we collaborate to organize the orientation seminar.

Sangai detailed that the training, among other things, also aimed to assess the needs of the participants and therefore identify the challenges before the start of the training to create awareness and allow participants to understand the topics covered through the training. line offered by TGNP that they will undergo.

Beneficiaries were informed about the achievements of past e-learning graduates and what they are currently doing after the training.

She said that globally since the outbreak of COVID-19, lifestyles have completely changed. The pandemic has had a significant impact on the behaviors of many people, especially with regard to their online activities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused Tanzanians to use the internet more than ever to stay in touch with others.

“We give them this knowledge so they can cope with rapid technological changes and also better participate in online business,” she said.

TGNP program communications manager Jackson Malangalila told seminar trainees that technology can set them free, but if used and managed properly.

He explained to them the benefits of using social media and networks such as the Internet, websites, Facebook, Twitter, webinars, blogs and Instagram, clubhouses, among others.

Malangalila warned participants not to publish everything in the media, but rather to learn how to refine their important points before publishing them.

He said: “Media and social networks are beneficial if used correctly. You should follow the pages that you find beneficial rather than opening unnecessary ones. »

Malangalila further warned them that focusing more on social media and becoming addicted was destructive to their health, such as the eyes, citing the negative side of social media as the killing of deep-reading culture; and they take time if used uncontrollably.

One of the participants from AFRIYAN Tanzania, Zakia Mrisho, said that the orientation training on online platforms had benefited them as girls, urging the young people to seize this training opportunity and use it not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of the whole community.

Ratifa Sheja of Hope 4 Young Girls Tanzania, based in Dar es Salaam, said the training praised TGNP for letting them know how to use social media productively, calling on other social media/social media users to help them. also use productively rather than using them. in a destructive way.

Hollo Jilatu from Kishapu Knowledge Center in Shinyanga region also praised TGNP for the online orientation training or digital forums. “The seminar was resourceful and beneficial to us,” she noted.

Jacqueline Mtesha from Female Graduate Volunteer (FGV under TGNP) said that the online courses will open her eyes and expand her knowledge on all crucial issues related to online platforms and forums.


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